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Morocco Camel Trekking

The beautiful and wonderful vehicle to cross Dunes of Sand is the great creator Camel. The camel will take us to live an unforgettable moments with panoramic views and Berber drum.

Riding Camels is not new technique or something that coming to our territories. But it is an old vehicle which was a Caravan to cross Desert and doing trade. Today, riding camels is for enjoying the sights of Sahara and running from the noise of cities.

Merzouga Camel Trek & 1 Night in Desert

Camel Trekking for an Overnight in Merzouga Desert (Erg Chebbi & Sand Dunes)

The trekking always starts at latter afternoon and then traveling directly toward an equipped and luxury camp, after your achieving, you put your staff and climbing the nearest and highest Dunes to watch the panoramic views of Golden Sand and amazing reflections of sunset. When we spend wonderful times and it is night, we come back to our camp where we will have cultural views such as Berber dishes, fire with drum which plays by Berber singers that will create pleasant ambiance and also the gorgeous outlook of sparking and shiny stars. Moreover, when it is morning, we wake up and climbing the Dunes again to discover another marvelous show of sunrise. Furthermore, we will come back to take our delicious breakfast before traveling back to Merzouga city.

Morocco Camel Trek & 2 Nights in the Desert

Our tour of camel trekking will take 3 days and 2 nights in Sahara

1st day: Trekking Camel toward Desert Camp

It is the first day in desert city, so we will travel by camel to spend night between Dunes of sand where you will explore lot of things that may change your thinking about desert such as there are an equipped and luxury camp, sand boarding, golden Dunes, climbing Dunes to see the panoramic sights of sunset, live wonderful moments with Berber drum while fire in the middle of group is shine to make an amazing view, sparking and shine of stars and Berber dinner.
2nd day: Erg Chebbi toward Black Desert

Before taking our delicious breakfast, we will wake up early to discover the marvelous outlook of sunrise on the Dunes, and coming back to camp to take our breakfast. Moreover, we will ride camels to Nomad Family and spending with them some times with discovering the Berber culture, the method of creating nomad and having lunch after welcomed by nice cup of tea. Furthermore, we will come back to camp and walking around the Dunes to explore the marvelous shows of Oasis of palm trees. Finally, we spend night in camp.
3rd day: Desert Camp to Merzouga

After breakfast at an atmosphere of desert which is so wonderful and healthy, we travel back to Merzouga where we have our baggage.

We are in your service, if there is an addition or suggestion, etc. don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about what you want. In fact, we can change our program according to what you desire.